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Investment opportunities of the south Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyz Republic creates good investment conditions into the country. The country has signed international agreements on avoidance of double taxation with 21 countries, and agreement on the encouragement and protection of foreign investments with 27 countries.

Bilateral international agreements.

Double taxation risk protection: Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Canada, Switzerland, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Mongolia, Austria, Poland, Finland, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, India, Germany.
Foreign investment encouragement and protection: China, Turkey, USA, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Ukraine, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, UK, Kazakhstan, Georgia, India, Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Sweden, Moldova, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Also, the country has the most favorable tax rate in the region:


Кyrgyz Republic ___ Тajikistan ___ Uzbekistan ___ Kazakhstan ___ China

Value added tax (VAT)
12% _________ 20% _______ 20% _______ 12% ________ 17%

Income Tax
10% ________ 8-13% ______ 10% ______ 10% _______ 5-45%

Profit Tax
10% _______ 25-30% ______ 9-35% ______ 10-20% ______ 15-25%

There only 8 types of taxes in the country:
Income tax
Profit tax
Excise tax
Tax on subsoil use
Sales tax
Land tax
Wealth tax

Here you can find more information about the investment opportunities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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